The history of jerky dates back to the days of the pioneers as they crossed the Oregon Trail to reach the Pacific Ocean. As winter started knuckling down around them, the Native Americans taught these early settlers how to dry and cure meat into beef jerky to preserve it for the winter.

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Years before Tillamook Country Smoker, our beef jerky was born in the Crossley backyard. Art and his son Dick created something not so different from the beef jerky we serve on the shelves today with nothing but good quality cuts, a makeshift smokehouse, and the desire to create something delicious.


Two local farming families, the Smiths and Giengers, joined the Crossleys to take Tillamook Country Smoker from backyard to business. Our factory opened its doors in 1975. From there, we took it one handshake, one store, and one state at a time to slowly but surely put our beef jerky and meat sticks on shelves and counters across America.


Our hard work and hardwood smoke started to pay off as Tillamook Country Smoker started to take off. We got bigger and our meat snacks product lines grew, but we always kept our focus small: good people working together to make good food.


Today, people that know beef jerky know that Tillamook Country Smoker is hands down the best there is. Even as we’re in more places than ever, we never forget our start. Art is no longer with us, but his original smokehouse still stands as a monument to good food made simply.